This Preview Contains Chicken Nuggets

Own rentals anywhere. Never see them.

Here's how we're gonna do this:

 This course is for anyone who wants to confidently invest in rental property anywhere in the U.S. 100% remotely. It works for out of state AND local properties. Don't waste your time with flights, drives, viewings, DIY remodels, and pointless meetings. Just get deals.

We prepare you in 3 phases:

1. Talk the talk. We cover the fundamentals of rental property & the principles of our very own investment strategy in a manner that's beginner friendly, but technical enough to be valuable to more experienced investors.

2. The remote revolution. A primer on investing virtually, so you can understand its value, kick the scaries, and see why real estate investing will never be the same.

3. Walk the walk. A multi hour, formulaic process that we've developed over 5 years and 400+ done deals. You'll learn how to set criteria, pick a market, finance a property, acquire deals, and use a property manager to do it all from from desk. 

None of that "no money, to the moon" nonsense. This is a system, and you will finish this program prepared to execute.

This is Your Step by Step Manual

To Buying Rental Property.. Anywhere.. Sight Unseen

    1. Getting Started

    2. 3 Steps to Success

    3. Your First Deal Should Be...

    4. No Get Rich Quick Schemes Here...

    1. Intro to the Basics

    2. Rental Property Financials

    3. 5 Ways You Make Money

    4. It's All About Rent Growth

    5. Control Freaks Rejoice

    6. It's Good to Be Different

    7. The Lucky Deal

    8. Taxes? Who Pays Those?

    9. A Little Debt is Good for the Soul

    10. Not All Sunshine and Daisies

    11. Don't Call it Passive Income

    1. An Intro to Virtual Investing

    2. It Has its Perks

    3. ...And its Risks

    4. Landlording Will Never Be the Same

    1. A Step by Step Guide to the Sight Unseen Deal

    1. The Importance of Criteria

    2. Choose an Asset

    3. Minimum Yield

    4. Asset Class

    5. Size and Price

    6. Execution

    1. Let's Pick Some Cities!

    2. Market Selection Cheat Sheet

    3. Product Availability

    4. Market Financials

    5. Tenant Dynamics

    6. Duck the Competition

    7. Market Trajectory

    8. Enough Resources

    9. Now Pick a Couple!

About this course

  • $595.00
  • 54 lessons
  • 8.5 hours of video content

No upsells. No sales calls. No "Limited time offers".

Just a real system, from a real investor.